Zynga is planning to introduce to some of their games a feature that allows us to play with other fans of the social game we’re playing, without being friends on Facebook with these people, all while retaining all the privacy settings and not giving any information to these total strangers. In Cafe World, their first game to use this feature, it is called Chef Circle and I’m here to share more details about it.

If you say yes to the Chef Circle (because you can always choose not to take advantage of this new feature), your Cafe World Chef Circle will be formed and available via a chalkboard placed in your cafe, to make it easier to keep track of things. Here are, according to Zynga, a few reasons why you should choose to accept the Chef Circle:

And now here is a guide in images to the Chef Circle in Cafe World:

How Chefs Circle Works!

The Chefs Circle feature will pick a quest to start working on together.

You will see your progress and the team’s progress.

The first person to finish the quest will receive the crown! (stars around your picture) After the team finishes, everyone receives the prize shown and you will see an announcement. Then you will move onto the next quest.

To help your circle, choose “Help” above their image to send them something they need for that quest. This item is a random item they need for that quest. If they have finished that quest, they will receive a special delivery.

You may help each player once a day.

If the players in the Chefs Circle don’t play for (5 days), they will have “zzz” under their image. You may click the “Wake up!” button to send an email to get them back in the game. (You will not see their email. The email will be sent through the game. Email addresses are not visible to other players through Chefs Circle.)

You can chat with your Chefs Circle in the Chefs Circle control panel. Ask for help, share tips or completion!

Click in the lower part of the chat window to send a message to your Chefs Circle.

If you have questions about Chefs Circle, click the question mark on the top, right corner to view the FAQ, Replay the tutorial, Quit Chefs Circle, or Return to Dashboard.

We have a profanity filter in place, however, if you feel something in the chat is inappropriate and you will to report it, please choose “Report” next to that message.

[source: Zynga forums]