One of the most anticipated games of the year, Deus Ex: Human Revolution didn’t have a launch as smooth as the developers might have wanted: the game is plagued on many systems by random crashes, load game chrashes, freezes and bad performance issues, including incredibly long load times. All these Deus Ex Human Revolution Problems have forced the developers to release a day 1 patch (that you should install ASAP!), but it still didn’t fix all the problems.

In this article I will try to help you find a fix for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Crashes, Freezes and Problems, so let’s begin!

1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution crashes to desktop during save game loading screen
Unfortunately, this means that the save game data is corrupt and the only thing that you can do to fix this problem is to do a fresh install of the game.

2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution crashes on launch without any error message
This is caused by the Steam DRM protection: if this problem persists after a few tries, contact the Steam Support and tell them about your problem.

3. Fix Deus Ex: Human Revolution crashes/freezes and problem that doesn’t allow you to start the game

3.1) The game requires you to be an admin or run the game from under an admin account in Windows 7, so make sure that you’re doing so, otherwise you might not be able to play at all or you’ll get lots of crashes and freezes.
3.2) Also, crashes and freezes of the game might be caused by your graphics card drivers. Make sure that you have them installed correctly (reinstall them) and also updated to the latest version.
3.3) You can also try to disable DirectX 11 and run the game again – many crashes are supposed to be related to the use of DirectX 11.

4. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Crashes on Start Up
One of the causes here could be the existence of some specific dll files that have to do with your graphics card. In order to try and fix this problem, locate the atiadlxy.dll and atiadlxx.dll files on your computer (should be in the System32 folder in your Windows installation directory) and rename the extension to something like .bak or anything similar. Try running the game and if this doesn’t fix the problem, rename the files to how they were. However, this should fix your problems!

Currently, this is the advice I can offer – if you have any other problems with Deus Ex Human Revolution, post a comment below and maybe somebody will be able to help you!