Now that we’ve already checked out the Hidden Chronicles getting started guide it’s time to go more in depth with the controls of Zynga’s Facebook hidden object game and therefore we should check out this guide to the User Interface in Hidden Chronicles.

We’re talking here about the icons to the lower right side of the screen that allow us to access the missions, the market place and the game settings. You can see the User Interface by clicking on the image in the upper left corner here to get more familiar with it. Now here is what each of these buttons do:

– Marketplace – This is where you can find all items that can currently be purchased with Coin, Estate Cash, or Reputation Hearts
– Inventory – Stores everything from quest rewards, to energy gifts, to building parts.
– Toolbar – Find the basic game tools here, more information below.
– System Tools – Sound and other system settings can be found here, more details below.
– The “Play” Button – Another way to open the scene selector, which can also be done by clicking on Ramsey Manor.

There is also an icon with a “coming soon” stamp on it, the option that will allow us to search for hidden treasures and bonuses in our mansion (estate).

Clicking on the toolbar (the arrow icon) will give a brand new menu that allows us to: sell, rotate or move items.

Clicking on the system tools allows us to turn on and off the sounds in the game, zoom in and out and toggle the full screen mode – which is very useful in scenes when we search for the hidden objects!

And this is the user interface of Hidden Chronicles, a really easy to use interface with which you should be familiar with if you’re already playing other Zynga games.