One of the most sought-after items in Hidden Chronicles is the premium currency of the game, the Hidden Chronicles cash or, as it is called in game – Estate Cash, since it’s pretty obvious what it is actually! I am sure that you are wondering how to get more cash in Hidden Chronicles and I have the guide to share with you and help you choose the best way of getting more Estate Cash in the game.

The first and easiest method of getting more cash in Hidden Chronicles is by purchasing it directly and the rates are pretty interesting: the cheapest package costs just $2.30 and gives you 13 Estate Cash, while the best value pack will cost you $115 but will give you an impressive 735 Cash.

If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use one to buy Cash in Hidden Chronicles, you can easily get some paying by mobile. The rates are not as good, but if it’s your only option, you’ll have to deal with it. Below you can see the rates of getting more cash by mobile:

And finally, you can earn some extra free Estate Cash in Hidden Chronicles by completing some offers that Zynga has selected for you. In order to do so, simply click the “Earn Cash & Coins” button at the top of the game screen and choose the one that suits you best. Have in mind, though, that you will most likely have to pay for the services before winning the free cash in the game:

Now it’s your turn to tell us if you’re paying for Estate Cash in Hidden Chronicles or if you’re trying to enjoy the game cost free.