elite dangerousFrontier has announced that it is offering cash prizes for the first players to reach Elite status across combat, trading and exploration in Elite: Dangerous.

The prize on offer is £1000/$1500/€1200 for the first person to reach Elite in each area, and a separate prize of £10,000/$15000/€12000 for the first person to achieve Triple Elite status, so the first person to achieve Elite status in all three.

There are a few rules, if someone decides to claim one of the £1000 cash prizes; they are ineligible for the £10,000 prize, however one person can claim more than one of the £1000 prizes on offer.

Frontier will be keeping an eye on everyone claiming a prize to ensure they did not cheat. The guidelines for entry are as follows, courtesy of the Frontier forum:

To qualify you must:

a. Start on or after release of the full game (for some this will mean you will have to voluntarily clear you save on or after the release)
b. Start with the Sidewinder start position and 1000 CR.
c. Not cheat. We will manually look at the save files of the potential winners to verify this. The winners will be determined in our sole opinion and our decision is final.
d. If you choose to claim one or more of the £1,000 prizes you are ineligible for the £10,000 prize.
e. Play wholly in Open Play mode (not solo or friends groups)
f. Participation is subject to the payment of any prize not being prohibited under or contrary to applicable law in your country.
g. Not be an employee of Frontier Developments, or family members or direct associates. Ambassadors are OK.

There is no time limit for the competition, and Frontier will announce when one of the prizes has been claimed.

The playing field is mostly level, however players who pre-ordered the game can use their free second ship from the beginning, the Core Dynamics Eagle.

Are you looking at trying your luck at any of these? What would your tactic be?