With the Valentine’s Day fever catching all of us, FarmVille was not skipped and Zynga decided to bring a cool new feature in the game: the Valentines Countdown, a new way for us to win a bunch of cool prizes for our virtual farms. In this article I will share with you everything you need to know about the Valentines Countdown, plus the daily prizes you can win!

What is the Valentines Day Countdown?
A simple gift-asking feature, similar to the Winter Countdown event: for the next 12 days, you can ask daily your friends for a gift and if they accept the request, you will unlock it. The request is posted via the Facebook Wall.

You can access the Valentines Countdown via a special icon on the right-hand side of the FarmVille display : just click it and see all the details!

If you happen to miss a day, you can still catch up: either by asking particular friends via direct requests, or by unlocking the items with Farm Cash. At the end of this event, if you have all the prizes collected, you will get a special one as well!

Now I’m sure you’re really curious to see the list of prizes, so here it is: the complete list of Valentines Countdown Prizes in FarmVille!

Day 1: FarmVille I Love You Stand
Day 2: FarmVille I Love You Sign
Day 3: FarmVille XOXO Sign
Day 4: FarmVille Purple Hay Bale
Day 5: FarmVille Heart Bear
Day 6: FarmVille Caramel Bear
Day 7: FarmVille Fuchsia Greenery
Day 8: FarmVille Pink Greenery
Day 9: FarmVille Provencal Pot
Day 10: FarmVille Fancy Topiary
Day 11: FarmVille Flax Plant
Day 12: FarmVille Dogwood Tree

As I said, there is also a special bonus for collecting all the prizes, and the bonus prize is: PURPLE cow!


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