If you think that a mix between the adventure-horror experience and a casual gameplay will definitely go wrong, Codeminion asks you to reconsider and check out Phantasmat, their latest game that mixes hidden object, match three mechanics and a horror story in a single product.

The intricate plot of Phantasmat is revealed step by step as the player solves challenging puzzles, in a unique blend of hidden object and match-3 gameplay. The hidden object mode features hand-painted levels and random objects to locate, providing lots of replay-ability. The colorful match-3 mode allows the player to uncover the hidden objects using an alternate method.

Phantasmat returns to the glory days of adventure games, combining extensive locations & levels with a large amount of logical and mathematical puzzles. Each of the characters that confront the player is fully voiced, including an appearance by Michael McConnohie of Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft fame. Each character has his own history and motives, which influence the plot and the player’s actions.

Here are some of the main Phantasmat features:
– Beautiful hand-rendered graphics
– Over 100 gorgeously realized locations and puzzles
– Immersive & well-written plot
– Hour of atmospheric music and fully voiced characters
– Ability to switch between hidden object mode and match-3 at any time
– Three game modes to choose

You can get a free trial game demo of Phantasmat over at Big Fish Games and test the new game before deciding if you should purchase it or not!