Test Drive Unlimited 2 has just been launched and some users are already complaining that the game crashes at startup or randomly during gameplay. In this article I will try to share with you a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the maximum from the game – so let’s start and try to fix the Test Drive Unlimited 2 crashes!

First of all, you should make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game – if it doesn’t, than most likely that’s the cause for the problems (so at least try to run the game at minimum settings). If not, here is what you can do in order to fix the Test Drive Unlimited 2 crashes:

1. Delete all the beta files of the game. Apparently those who were part of the beta get most of the crashes and the beta files are the reason.
2. Turn off all the background applications that are not vital for your computer, including Internet browsers and instant messaging programs.
3. Verify the game cache and try running the game on low settings.
4. Validate the install files of Test Drive Unlimited 2 and re-acquire any files that failed to validate
5. If nothing else works, try updating your graphic card drivers.

I really hope that one of these tips and suggestions will help you fix the Test Drive Unlimited 2 crashes!


  1. The game is really really poor in terms of optimization. It stutters too much even on a PC that exceeds the recommended specs by quite a distance. Come on devs, release a performance booster package soon or all will be cursing you!

  2. Hi I have installed the game but it wont start, I click on play but nothing hapends it never loads the game it just stay like that, I have updated everything but still doesnt work, please some help i would really want to play this game.

  3. well i have installed the game and have played it for a while. Now i have a huge problem. I have done most of the races in Izbia or watever and now have to go to Hawaii but the problems is that the cut seen comes on and shows the plane leaving as normal and then bang, it crashes i restart the game and it playes the cut seen again and then boom again ..over and over and over anyone can help or have the same issue?

  4. I Know mine does the same at hawaii.
    tip: don’t go with the big plane on the airport.
    discover the casino it’s going to an island: casino Island.
    if you’re there from Ibiza to that island go with the plane again there.
    And it ask: where do you want to go, you say Ibiza or hawaii.
    then it don’t load or crash anymore. greetings from holland.


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