While some people are encountering game crashes when it comes to playing Test Drive Unlimited 2, others are having problems playing the game online with their friends. This is usually because of the internet/connection settings and in this article I will try to help you solve those problems so that you can play Test Drive Unlimited 2 online. So let’s see the fixes!

1. You will have to turn on UPnP on your network hardware because TDU2 uses it to communicate with the servers: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a standard that helps routers communicate effectively. If your router or gateway supports UPnP, make sure this setting is turned on. If you don’t know how to turn this on, check out your manuals or visit your hardware manufacturers online: each of them has instructions on how to turn UPnP on.

If you change the UPnP setting on your network hardware, restart your computer and only after that test your network connection by re-launching the UpLauncher. If you receive a NAT Open:UPnPUsed message, your network is ready for playing TDU2. If not, try the second possible fix for the Test Drive Unlimited 2 online problems!

2. You might have a firewall or similar program that is blocking the access of the game to the servers. You must always have the following ports open:

UDP 8889 (TDU2 game port)
UDP 3478 (UpLauncher STUN tests port)

It’s pretty simple and will certainly help you play the game online and enjoy it with your friends!

Do you have other possible solutions for the TDU 2 online play problems?