As you probably know already, Zynga is planning to release an expansion for FarmVille: the FarmVille English Countryside, but little do we know about this brand new expansion. Or, better said, “did we know” since today we have a bit more details about the FarmVille Countryside, offered by Zynga.

The company has created a fan page of the FarmVille English Countryside and updated it with a new “letter” that you can check out here as well (click the image to enlarge it). In it, we have written: “You’re going to love the English Countryside! New land, new crops, and new adventures.”

We also receive a little souvenir in FarmVille to tease us even more: the mail sheep, a new character in FarmVille, that will most likely keep us informed about the upcoming update of the FarmVille English Countryside.

So… when exactly will this be expansion launched? It is not clear at the moment, but the official fan page says something about the “upcoming weeks” so we all hope that we’ll see the FarmVille English Countryside go live by the middle of March.