Crysis 2 is a long month away from it’s confirmed official release date, but things are not going that well for Crytek: Crysis 2 has been leaked on torrent websites and now everybody appears to be talking about this. However, we’re only talking here about an early beta version of Crysis 2 that has been made available on torrent websites, which makes us wonder: could this be some strange form of experimental marketing?

Crytek have been known as great supporters of the PC gaming industry and it is known, as strange as this might sound, that the groups that crack the games and make them available for free (and illegally, unfortunately) have been as fair as possible with some developers: it was suggested that back in the days when Atari launched Alone in the Dark it wasn’t released on torrent sites to support the company. Therefore, we should not exclude the possibility that the Crysis 2 Beta leak on torrents is actually an experimental kind of marketing.

What could be the deal here? Well – leak an unfinished, yet amazing game on torrents, make everybody want to play it and then wait for them to purchase it. It is indeed quite tricky, because common sense would make you believe that somebody who downloaded a free unfinished version, knowing it’s not legal, will do the same with the full version, but maybe it is worth a try.

Many developers have said that piracy actually helped them out in the long run by making their games known to the masses and also by increasing sales from people who loved the game and decided to actually repay for the work of the developers. So the question remains – could this early Crysis 2 torrent leak be nothing but some planned marketing? I guess we’ll see in march, if the shooter fails to be cracked on time. Opinions are welcomed!


  1. Thats an interesting thought, and I suppose if the torrent is somewhat obviously incomplete in some way it could be.
    But realize also that the key to authenticate the game was leaked too, which can validate even a full release of Crysis 2 once the game is actually released. That being the case, I would say that this was unintentional.

  2. ” could this be some strange form of experimental marketing?”

    i doubt it! Situation like these can be risky! Because if people play the unfinished product, they would be put off by stuff and bugs in the game.

    For an example, idiots still saying “the beta sucks because of these and that”. Well it’s a farking beta for crying out loud, you test it for the devs and report problems in the game so they can fix it.

    Also in marketing, publishers would not want to reveal a large portion for the game because revealing too much may put people off wanting the game because you may have revealed a part that didn’t meet the consumers expectations.

    Also how did it get leaked? it sounds more like Crytek pissing off PC gamers by not including a demo and only including a multiplayer demo for xbox live.

    I do think the EA’s Bullet Storm linking to FoxNews rape claims might be their viral marketing, because how the hell can rape accommodate with BulletStorm!? As you can see that news has grown popular and everyone is talking about this rape stuff linking to BulletStorm.
    Same technique EA used for Dante’s Inferno with their Christian protest at EEE3.


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