I am probably one of the biggest fans of the Gothic series, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to buy Gothic 4 yet mainly because of a major lack of time. However, I plan to change things when Jo Wood will release the Fall of Setarrif expansion for Gothic 4 and purchase both products, lock me in my room and play non-stop.

If you, on the other hand, have already played Gothic 4, the news about the upcoming release should be amazing for you, since Fall of Setarrif adds over 10 hours of gameplay and brand new features like:

– Experience and fight as each of your famous allies, utilising their unique skillset
– Battle all new enemies & monsters and hone your combat skills with new items & weapons
– Discover new environments such as jungles, the volcanic mountains, Setarrif & the coastal regions
– Import your character from ArcaniA – Gothic 4 or choose a predefined archetype

Some even better news, in case you didn’t purchase Gothic 4 and for some reason you don’t want to: the Fall of Setarrif is a stand-alone add-on, which means that you don’t need the original title to play the game. However, if you purchase it, I am sure you already have Gothic 4 as well.

So keep your eyes open on March 25, since that’s the date when JoWood will release the Gothic 4 expansion Fall of Setarrif.