A new item has gone live in Cafe World, something that should never miss from a restaurant: the Cafe World Fridge! In this article I will share with you a complete guide of the Cafe World Fridge, plus the gift links for the fridge building materials, to help you progress faster!

First things first – what is the Cafe World Fridge and what does it do?
It helps you plan ahead your food serving: you can store in the Fridge food directly from your counters (and at a later time, move the food from the fridge back to the counters!)

However, the Cafe World Fridge must be built and you need the following building materials to do it (the gift links for the building materials are also below, so click them to send the indicated material):

– 10 Crisper Drawer
– 10 Condenser Coil
– 10 World Door Shelf
– 10 Thermostat control

Once you have the Cafe World fridge ready, you can start using it. There are also some missions connected to this new buildable and I’m working to bring a guide to you as soon as possible!