The release of the Fridge in Cafe World has been followed by a new series of goals that have been launched to help us use the fridge and build it faster. There is a total of three new Cafe World goals released to celebrate the launch of the Fridge (called Fridge It!), and you have all the details on them below:

Cafe World Fridge It I
– Place fridge buildable
– Serve Belgian waffles 14 times
– Earn 5,000 coins

Cafe World Fridge It II
– Complete building the fridge
– Spice 5 friend’s stoves
– Serve french onion soup 15 times

Cafe World Fridge It III
– Serve bacon cheeseburgers 20 times
– Serve chips and guacamole 20 times
– Serve french onion soup 4 times

As you can see, it’s a really easy series of missions in Cafe World (excepting, maybe, the actual building stages of the fridge). Do you like these simple missions or you’d rather have Zynga give you something more difficult and challenging?