Starting today, the Pigpens in FarmVille not only let you offer a home to your FarmVille pigs, but also allow you to send them truffle hunting and claim tons of really cool rewards! The feature is being slowly rolled in to players as we speak and it’s still quite bugged, but if you want a guide to truffle hunting in FarmVille, you’re at the right place!

How to go truffle hunting with your pigs?

Just click the Pigpen and select the Look Inside option. There you will see the number of pigs you have in the Pigpen, as well as the number of sleeping pigs (more on this below). In order to send pigs truffle hunting you need to have Slop, which you don’t at first, so we must make it!

How to make Slop in Farmville?

It’s really simple – just click the Make Slop button and you’ll be taken to the bushels overview where you can make 1 Slop out of any bushel – make sure you use the unneeded ones, not those for your crafting buildings! Alternately, you can buy one Slop in the Market for 1 FV Cash.

Next, after making as much Slop as you want (but no more than 10), you can send your pigs Truffle Hunting. Simply click a pig of your choice (it will also tell you what types of truffles it can find) and select the “send hunting” option. After doing so, you will see a new icon showing you that your pig has gone truffle hunting on a random farm – and it can find a truffle or none!

If the pig finds a truffle, you have the option to share it with the owner of the farm where it was found in: you will post on their wall to do so and it’s up for them to accept the reward or not! If they accept the reward, the neighbors will be allowed to share the reward with you and send a truffle back – and that’s what everybody should do since FarmVille is a social game in the end and we must help each other!

Now, after the pig finishes hunting for truffles (no matter if it finds one or not), it will automatically go sleeping – for 2 days, meaning that you can use a specific pig once per 2 days for truffle hunting.

Also, you can trade in truffles for all sorts of rewards, but mainly pigs. Here are the rewards you can get for trading in specific truffles:

– Black Pig, Strawberry Pig from Brown Truffle
– Strawberry Pig from Black Truffle
– White Pig or Pink Potbelly Pig from White Truffle
– Spotted Pig or Pink Potbelly Pig from Gold Truffle

Have you found any truffles?

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