I told you yesterday about the upcoming release of the FarmVille PigPens and today they are live and running and all of my initial information was correct! This means that we will soon have to go truffle hunting with the pigs! Yay!

First of all, how to get the Pigpen in FarmVille? You have to do nothing – a popup message will appear, announcing the introduction of the new building and all you have to do is place it on your farm and start building it. Fortunately, you don’t need too many items for it: 8 of each of the following building materials: nails, wooden boards and bricks. To get more – you can ask your friends!

Once built, the pigpen will become the home for 20 pigs on your farm and you’ll be allowed to collect coins from them on a daily basis, which means more coins for you! When you harvest, you have a 15% chance of acquiring an item – but we don’t know what that is right now. Either way, the pigpen looks amazing:

Even more, as you can see in the first image (click to enlarge), Zynga is telling us that PigPens don’t just give the pigs a home – we will also use them for hunting truffles, most likely. But that is something we’ll have to wait for.

Have you finished building your PigPen in FarmVille?