An easier way to get rid of bears, snakes, groundhogs, and foxes is coming soon in Frontierville. Zynga recently announced that Varmint Cannons will soon be available in the game. MaiLau, Zynga Forums Community Manager, had this to say about the upcoming feature:

Pesky groundhog getting in the way of your crops? Do bears have your children running screaming away from the trees? Well fret no more, because varmint cannons are coming soon to a frontier near you!

Just what is a varmint cannon? One click of these amazing contraptions will blast your varmint troubles right off of your frontier with one click!

One click solution to varmint problems is fine in my book but there’s no other detail released as to what is required to get one. But you do need lots of Saltpeter if you want to use the Varmint Cannon to clobber bears, groundhogs, snakes, and foxes in your homestead.

What do you think about this upcoming feature in Frontierville? Is it worth the manures you need to collect to get lots of Saltpeter?