Mobile game publisher Digital Chocolate has filed a lawsuit against social game leader Zynga. Digital Chocolate claims that they own the Mafia Wars trademark and they have notified Zynga about it last year.

Digital Chocolate claims that Zynga attorneys responded with a letter that promised they will stop using the name but a couple of months later Zynga launched a marketing campaign with 7-Eleven to promote the game. They also filed two trademark applications to register the Mafia Wars trademark for various merchandises.

Zynga is said to be surprised with the timing of the lawsuit and they plan to defend themselves in court. This comes after the City of San Francisco held the company accountable for what the city officials deemed as illegal marketing campaign.

It looks like the Mafia is in trouble with the law. Hopefully Zynga settle these lawsuits unscathed. Are you willing to have the name change its name if Digital Chocolate and Zynga don’t come up with a settlement? As a player, are you bothered by Zynga’s legal issues?