Even though there are some people who haven’t finished building their Garage or completed digging the Storage Cellar yet, Zynga is already preparing the launch of a new buildable construction, the PigPen which is being teased at the moment via the Loading Screen.

As you can imagine, the details about this upcoming building are scarce at the moment (and only rumors to be precise), but it appears that we’ll need some building materials first to get the PigPen:

– 8 Bricks
– 8 Nails
– 8 Wooden Boards

As you can see, the list is quite decent, but I really doubt that there won’t be any “special” item needed as well!

Now about what does the PigPen do – that’s still a mystery. Apparently, it will work somewhat similar to the Crafting Cottages, meaning that we can improve the skills of our pigs inside and use them on neighbor farms to dig for rare truffles, which in return can be traded in for special rewards, most possibly fuel. And this would certainly be a really useful feature, especially since it will improve the interaction between FarmVille neighbors.

So stay tuned, as the FarmVille pigpen might be released sooner rather that later and of course we’ll have a guide to it here in the Unigamesity!