Starting today, we have two new permanent crops to master in FarmVille, the Spinach and Carnival Squash. Spinach seeds cost 35 Coins and are ready in 14 hours, yielding 95 Coins and 2 XP. Carnival Squash seeds cost 355 Coins and ready in 8 hours, yielding 435 Coins and 1 XP – but you need to be level 63 and above to have them unlocked, plus you already need have Pattypan Squash Mastery.

Since these new crops are permanent ones, they have mastery enabled too and below you can see the number of crops you need to harvest for each mastery level:

FarmVille Spinach
Level 1: harvest 300 crops
Level 2: harvest 600 crops
Level 3: harvest 900 crops

FarmVille Carnival Squash
Level 1: harvest 2,000 crops
Level 2: harvest 4,000 crops
Level 3: harvest 6,000 crops

Will you start seeding these new crops or you’ll focus on the ones needed for the goods?