I’m sure that’s a question you keep asking ever since you’ve started receiving the Special Delivery Box as a free gift in FarmVille from your most active neighbors and fortunately I have the answer – plus some extra details – to the question “what’s the special delivery box in FarmVille?

This is a new gift that can be sent to your neighbors that were recently active in FarmVille: an icon indicating the number of friends will appear on the left side of the play screen, just above the Daily Good Deeds icon. Clicking this new icon will bring in a pop-up menu like the one in the image to the left (click to enlarge) and you’ll be able to select your neighbors and send them the Special Delivery Box.

What’s inside the Special Delivery Box in FarmVille? According to Zynga, there’s something you really need for your farm: building parts, collectibles and so on.

Even better, the Special Delivery Box does not replace the Mystery Gift, which is also available in the game. Now we just have more options to make our neighbors happy with gifts.

Did you send the Special Delivery Box today?