For 24 hours Frontierville players have the chance to purchase Horseshoes with a 40 percent discount. Right now you still have twelve hours to avail this deal.

The popup announces three packages. These are:

  • 75 Horseshoes for $6 (from $10)
  • 170 Horseshoes for $12 (from $29)
  • 1,000 Horseshoes for $60 (from $100)

But these are not the only discount price available. If you click on the Get Horseshoes tab, there are other packages for Lucky Horseshoes and Frontier Coins. Aside from the above mentioned packages, the following are the other packages available:

Lucky Horseshoes

  • 465 Horseshoes for $30 (from $50)
  • 2,100 Horseshoes for $120 (from $200)

Frontier Coins

  • 7,500 Coins for $6 (from $10)
  • 17,000 Coins for $12 (from $20)
  • 46,500 Coins for $21 (from $35)
  • 100,000 Coins for $42 (from $70)

You can pay for your Frontierville items through Credit Card, PayPal or Facebook Credits. Act now if you want to buy Horseshoes or Frontierville Coins. This would be ideal for people who want to complete the Mystery Animals or buy an additional Tree House for their homestead.


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