Just in time for Labor Day, Frontierville has launched the Back to School goals. To get started, you must buy the Labor Day goals in the Market. You have to hurry though because you have to start the Back to School goals before September 7 and finish all of them before September 10.

Part 1 of the Back to School goals is Finish the Farm Chores. You need to harvest ten Pumpkins, plant ten fruit trees, and sell ten Adult Goats.

The easiest part of this goal is planting the ten Fruit Trees. You just need to buy any Fruit Tree from the Market. But you might want to buy Apple Trees because you’ll need to harvest 15 Apple Trees for the next part.

Pumpkins take an hour before you can harvest them. There’s nothing you can do about the wait unless some of your friends come to your homestead and tend them for you.

Goats take longer unless you already have ten Adult Goats. Goats need to be fed a couple of times before they grow to adult size.