Embark on voyages! Build the Dragon Sailboat in Treasure Isle to voyage with your friends to brand new maps – that’s what Zynga tells us about the new buildable item in the game, the Dragon Sailboat. I’m sure you want to know everything about it, so read on this guide!

What is the Dragon Sailboat in Treasure Isle?
Yet another buildable item (is it just me or there are a bit too many released recently???) that will allow us to voyage to new lands. In order to build the Dragon Sailboat, you will need to spend 20 energy first in order to complete the frame:

– Create Frame (5 Energy)
– Build Support (5 Energy)
– Mount Posts (5 Energy)
– Clear Deck (5 Energy)

Of course, the new boat won’t be complete after this, since you will need building materials from your friends in order to get it done. Here are the requirements for completing the Dragon Sailboat (as you can see in the image in the upper left corner):

– 5 Planks
– 5 Rope
– 5 Cloth
– 5 Resin
– 5 Nails

You can get more materials for this (and the ton of other buildables) by asking your friends for more, receiving them as free gifts or by purchasing the items for 1 Island Cash per required material.

However, don’t hurry too much to finish the Dragon Sailboat, since it’s not fully operational: if you complete it already and click the “Go Voyaging” button, you will see the following message: “You finished so quickly! In the coming days an emissary from distant lands will deliver a reward for your diligence”.

I really don’t see the point in releasing an item that’s still not functional, but I am sure that Zynga knows best!