Chapter 3 of the Challenge Mission: Mumbai special event in Mafia Wars is now live. You have to complete the Chapter 2 jobs to access it. Just like the two previous chapters, Chapter 3 – Box Office Bombay has four jobs to master. These are:

  • Arrange the Murder of the Star
  • Frame the Understudy
  • Leak Detail of Your Rival’s Indiscretion
  • Enjoy Your Rival’s Arrest

If you want to one-shot Chapter 3, you need to have at least 15,545 Energy and at least 455 Bollywood Film Reels. If you don’t have that much Energy or Bollywood Film Reels, you got five days to complete it.

Once you’ve mastered the four jobs in Challenge Mission: Mumbai Chapter 3, you’ll receive the Slumdog Billionaire. It is categorized as Armor with 86 Attack 115 Defense. It’s a nice addition to your inventory.

Do you have enough Bollywood Film Reels to complete Chapter 3? You can add two more Mafia members to get additional Bollywood Film Reels. You can also get film reels by doing jobs and through fights.