Another set of mystery crates is launched in Mafia Wars. The new Underwater Crates are now available from the Marketplace. It costs 12 RP for one piece or you can buy Three Underwater Crates for 35 RP.

Buying one or three doesn’t change the chance of getting a rare item. You have ten percent chance to get a rare item, thirty percent to get an uncommon item, and sixty percent for a common item. The items contained inside an Underwater Crate are:


  • Aquatic Rifle (75 Attack 41 Defense)
  • Sonar Buoy (37 Attack 74 Defense)


  • Diver’s Knife (60 Attack 33 Defense)
  • Limpet Mine (29 Attack 64 Defense)
  • Dive Scooter (27 Attack 59 Defense)


  • Diving Gear (56 Attack 26 Defense)
  • Weight Vest (34 Attack 57 Defense)
  • Killer Whale (27 Attack 56 Defense)

If you won some extra RP from the Lucky Stash, then you might want o spent some of it on Underwater Crates. Maybe you’re lucky enough to get a rare item on your first crate.

Have you purchased an Underwater Crate? What did you get? Do you think it’s worth the RP you spent on it?