The Mafia Wars San Juan event is being rolled out slowly to all the Mafia Wars players and I can tell you already that it’s a great event we’re talking about: “Due to the overwhelming popularity of the San Juan event, we are slowly rolling out the event to avoid any game performance issues. We will adjust timers appropriately to ensure everyone gets some extra time. Thank you again for your patience!”

The It’s On In San Juan event has only 10 days to be finished, and below you can see how to play the San Juan event:

– Each bronze Boss drops a powerful item, and defeating silver and gold bosses will increase the power of these items. If you defeat all 4 bosses, you win the ultimate prize (see below!)
– Higher level bosses get tougher, so make sure you ask your Mafia to help!
– There is also a time limit on all San Juan bosses – if you don’t take them down within that time period, you’ll have to start over! However, the boss will not regenerate health if you run away or your health gets to 0
– You can get item drops to help you with the boss fights by doing jobs in New York and Las Vegas. Use them wisely to get the edge over the bosses in San Juan, Mafia Wars!
– It pays to be helpful: friends who decide to help out taking out a boss will be able to share in the boss fight rewards!

Here are the items you can win in the It’s on in San Jose event in Mafia Wars and their stats (see image above, click to enlarge):

– Throwing Knives (beat Seanor Carazco) – 49 Attack, 87 Defense
– MG Gloss 350 (beat General Vargas) – 57 Attack, 95 Defense
– Night Vision Viewer ( beat Don Ramirez) – 106 Attack, 71 Defense
– Red Piranha (beat Big Lou) – 110 Attack, 82 Defense
– Outlander, 112 Attack, 58 Defense if you beat all the bosses at gold level!

As you can see, the rewards are really cool for this Mafia Wars event! Have you started the It’s on in San Juan event?