Apparently Zynga can’t wait for summer to be here, and decided to offer us a summer-themed catering order in Cafe World and I’m sure we’ll all take it since it’s been a while since new content has hit the virtual cafes that we own. So read on to find out everything about the new Cafe World catering Order, Lake Party Picnic!

Here are the requirements for this new catering order:

– Serve Seafood Paella 185 times
– Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 262 times
– Serve Sirius Sorbet 88 times
– Collect 22 Water Skis
– Collect 22 Inner Tubes

The Lake Party Picnic catering order in Cafe World is a really difficult one, since it only gives us three days to complete it for the 3 star reward (but indeed we can have a 17-person catering crew!), which will give us 12 Catering Points, 6,200 cafe points, 75,000 cafe coins and the Nut Crusted Lake Trout recipe.

Do you think you can do it in time?