Zynga has introduced a new boss fighting feature in Mafia Wars via a new series of great missions part of the event Defeat Roughhouse Rafael. There is a total of 4 missions in this series and I have a guide to share with you for each of them, so that you can be prepared and master the missions ASAP. So let’s waste no more time and check out everything about the Defeat Roughhouse Rafael missions!

Defeat Roughhouse Rafael Mission 1 – Black and Blue

– Complete job: “Exterminate a Rival Family” 25 times
– Rob 10 Restaurants in New York
– Build 1 Armor

Rewards for completing the Black and Blue mission in Mafia Wars:
– 10 Vivtory Coins
– Experience based on your level
– 3 Yellow Sea Snakes rare animal (64A/40D)

Defeat Roughhouse Rafael Mission 2 – The Achilles Heel

– Loot 5 Crack of the Bat from robbing
– Loot 5 Knife Slashes

Rewards for completing The Achilles Heel mission in Mafia Wars:
– 1 Boss Fight Combo

Defeat Roughhouse Rafael Mission 3 – Bomb Shop

– Acquire 40 Canister Bombs (get them by fighting in Brazil and New York)

Rewards for completing the Bomb Shop mission in Mafia Wars:
– 10 Loyalty Points
– Experience based on your level
– 5 Cracks of the Bat

Defeat Roughhouse Rafael Mission 4 – Dispatch

– Win 19 fights in New York.
– Ice 3 opponents in New York.

Rewards for completing the Dispatch mission in Mafia Wars:
– 12 Victoryy Coins
– Experience based on your level
– 5 Knife Slashes

What do you think about this event? Do you find it difficult or easy?