Zynga has released a bunch of new missions in Mafia Wars – the Smoke an Mirrors missions, a limited time series of missions that must be completed by May 24. Seems to be a very short period of time, having in mind that there are no less than 7 missions in the series. Here is the list of missions in the Smoke and Mirrors series:

– Mafia Wars Interference Mission
– Mafia Wars Might and Magic Mission
– Mafia Wars Hexed? Mission
– Mafia Wars Destruction Mission
– Mafia Wars Get Even Mission
– Mafia Wars Public Flogging Mission
– Mafia Wars Hedge Funds Mission
– Mafia Wars Shrunken Head Collection Mission

Until now, we only have details about the first two missions in the Smoke and Mirrors series, so we’ll start with the Interference Mission:

– Fight 22 opponents in Brazil.
– Clear 2 robbing boards.
– Build 2 Vehicles.

The second mission, Might and Magic, has the following requirements:

– Get support from your 6 mafia.
– Take out 12 Angry Cult Members.
– Do Job: “Burn Down A Jungle Hideout” 15 times.

Sounds complicated for a 7 days-only series of missions, right?