There is a set of three new missions that have been released in FarmVille today part of the “Wildlife series”. Below you can find information about each of these missions as well as the rewards that you can get for completing them!

Wildlife Habitat Mission I: The Stink of Success
1. Get 6 Eau Du Skunks (By “Asking Friends”)
2. Complete 1 Wildlife Habitat.
3. Place 1 Baby Animal on your farm.
Reward: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins, 5 Animal Feed, and 1 Skunk

Wildlife Habitat Mission II: A Little Squirrely
1. Get 6 Squirrel Feeders (By “Asking Friends”).
2. Harvest 1 Wildlife Habitat.
3. Raise 1 Baby Animal.
Reward: 50 XP, 2,500 Farm Coins, 5 Animal Feed, & 5 Squirrel

Wildlife Habitat Mission III: The Squirrel Whisperer
1. Get 6 Scritchy Brushes (By “Asking Friends”).
2. Harvest 50 Vegetable crops of your choice.
3. Achieve Level 1 Mastery on your Grey Squirrel (Reward in Quest 2).
Reward: 50 XP, 2.500 Farm Coins, & Ermine (animal)