lostanddamneddlcOne year ago, The Lost and Damned DLC debuted as an exclusive Xbox 360 downloadable content pack for Grand Theft Auto IV, followed by the Ballad of Gay Tony. However, it appears that during these tough economic times, it’s difficult to say no to the option of getting more money, therefore Rockstar has announced that they’re planning to bring both GTA IV DLCs to PC versions of the game!

Initially, Microsoft purchased the rights for the expansions for $50 million but it appears that the sales were quite low and therefore Rockstar needs extra sources of income. For the PC gamers, knowing that we’ll get the chance to play the extra content, both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, is certainly some great news – one that we were expecting to hear for quite some time.

Grand Theft Auto IV’s Episodes from Liberty City will be released on March 30 this year, both as retail and Games for Windows Live products. Pricing details were not announced, but they shouldn’t cost more than the Xbox 360 DLC packs.

Will you purchase the two new episodes for your GTA IV copy?