barackobama-masseffect2Apparently, Mass Effect 2‘s main character John Shepard and Barack Obama, the President of the US have nothing in common… or do they? No, they don’t, but you can still play Mass Effect 2 with style, as a president, if you spend some time customizing your own character using ME2’s nifty Character Creator.

As you can see in the image to the left, the results can be quite impressive and your character can indeed look like Barak Obama. Even better, I’ve managed to find a cool YouTube tutorial below that shows you exactly what you have to do to create your own Mass Effect 2 Obama and get ready to rumble! Miranda Lawson, Jacob Taylor and Obama – now that’s a team!

Check out the detailed tutorial on how to create Barack Obama as a Mass Effect 2 character:


  1. You jerks! I call copyright infringement!

    Not really, but my friend PM’d this to me today after we had a laugh last year when I made my ME character Obama. Was very happy that I could play through ME2 with him as well. Somehow saving the universe just seems that much more badass when it’s the first black president behind the guns…not that this is indicitive of my political views in any way (disclaimer).

    I uploaded this picture almost a year ago of my Obama:

    Funny coincidence you guys did this as well.


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