New GTA The Lost and Damned Screens Out in the Wild

New GTA The Lost and Damned Screens Out in the Wild

tld01Hitting Xbox 360 consoles on February 17, 2009, the first ever Grand Theft Auto DLC we all know as “The Lost and Damned” further expands the GTA IV experience and is also a great way to put some extra cash in both Rockstar’s and Microsoft’s pockets. Which is fair play, if we are to judge from the looks of the upcoming downloadable pack.

The recently released batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned presents us with the biker gang we’re going to meet in February. Also, we can see the main character of the DLC – which seems to be like an inflated, steroid-based clone of Niko or, if you prefer, a clone between Niko Bellic and Vin Diesel with bits taken from Jason Kidd’s appearance. Or I’m just being extremely paranoid and that’s it.

So check out the recently released GTA: TL&D screenshots Rockstar just released and let us know what you think about them. Oh, and don’t forget to check back just a bit later, since we’re preparing to show off the Lost and Damned trailer in our Video Watch feature!