the-sims3I’m really glad to see that the huge scandals regarding the use of DRM in Spore (among many other things) weren’t just storms in glasses of water and Electronic Arts actually learned something: a happy audience is a good audience. Therefore, the company decided to completely say good-bye to DRM for The Sims 3 and I’m sure all the honest users (and not only) are very happy.

“To play the game there will not be any online authentication needed,” wrote Rod Humble, the executive producer of the franchise. “We feel like this is a good, time-proven solution that makes it easy for you to play the game without DRM methods that feel overly invasive or leave you concerned about authorisation server access in the distant future.”

Still, it’s a great risk Maxis takes – The Sims 3 is clearly one of the most anticipated titles of the year and piracy will probably affect the game’s sales. But, to be honest, the same would’ve happened with any other protection measure EA would’ve taken, just as it happened with Spore. But now, knowing that there are no limitations with the game and Electronic Arts and Maxis have no plans to use DRM for The Sims 3, maybe even more people will go out there and purchase the game.

I guess we’ll see exactly what happens soon after June 5, when the title will be released.