alanwakeEven though Alan Wake is in development since 2005, new details are rarely offered to the public, so I guess this is quite some news for those who are still eagerly anticipating Alan Wake: a Norwegian website, interviewed lead designer Oskari Hakkinen and found out some new stuff about the (still) upcoming title. Not much, but it’s better than nothing!

Therefore, we found out that Remedy plans less action for the game (at least if we are to compare it with the Max Payne series), but it will also be more of a story driven game than a survival horror. “The smart story is important for us, and we have a strong history, a strong atmosphere, and a strong spirit,” Hakkinen said.

He also made us wonder, saying that lighting will be uniquely used in Alan Wake (the lead designer compared the use of lighting with that of the bullet time in Max Payne – which means that it should kind of revolutionize the gaming world). Also, Hakkinen said that everything in the game can be influenced by the weather which will be constantly changing.

And that’s about it – as I said, it’s not that much, but there are still a few pieces of information that make us keep Alan Wake high on our “most wanted” list. Until then – well, that’s still a mystery!