It seems that today is the “movie-based games” day, since we just got word that a computer game based on the Ghost Whisperer TV series will be launched sometime in 2010. It would be fun to be released at the same time with the Alice in Wonderland game, for a mini-battle of the movie-based games.

However, Ghost Whisperer the computer game, fully titled Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands will be a casual title developed and published by Legacy Interactive. Players will take the role of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character Melinda Gordon, a woman that has the gift of seeing and being able to talk with the dead. These are usually spirits who have unfinished business on Earth and it is Melinda’s job to help them solve their problems and cross over into the light.

Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands will combine hidden object and adventure gameplay over 30 environments, which should be enough for even the most demanding gamers out there.

“Legacy Interactive is pleased to work with CBS Consumer Products to bring Ghost Whisperer to the gaming world,” said Ariella Lehrer, President and CEO of Legacy Interactive. “Ghost Whisperer has an incredible and enthusiastic fan base and we will strive mightily to exceed their expectations.”

No word if the actors from the TV series will do the voice acting, but I’m sure that fans would love that!