Ever since Mass Effect was so successful, the mix of the RPG genre with shooter elements became very popular. Game Factory Interactive couldn’t be left behind, so the company announced the development of White Gold: War in Paradise, a modern RPG-shooter game set in the Caribbean.

Just as it happens in a gamer’s paradise, you will be allowed to enjoy the beautiful landscape while witnessing the everyday life of bandits, drug dealers and the mob. You’ll be able to take part in various mysterious events and get involved in fights between various hostile forces or just drink some rum – a real joy, right?

You should answer “yes” and get ready for some waiting, since that’s everything we can tell you about the game’s background. We also know that White Gold: War in Paradise will feature hundreds of destructible stuff, from buildings to all sorts of objects, more than 25 vehicles to drive (including boats and choppers), over 30 types of weapons and no less than 8 parties to turn your life into heaven.

Unfortunately, this could be summed up as “promising RPG with shooter elements set in the Caribbean”. But we want more, so please, GFI, come with some solid details!

[Image credits: wolflog.com]