Genji: Days Of The Blade is an action hack and slash game loosely based on a Japanese story, Tale of the Heike. The game was developed by Game Republic and published by Sony. It was released on November 16, 2006. Below you will find a full collection of unlockables and hints for the PlayStation 3 exclusive Genji: Days Of The Blade.


Completion bonuses
Complete the game under the normal difficulty level in order to unlock movie viewer and sound test at the Extras menu.


Easy kills

1. When fighting a Juggernaut always use Benkei. Equip the club and hold Triangle until the club glows and sparks. Then, release Triangle and charge powerfully into the Juggernaut.
2. When in Kamui mode, press Circle if the “Circle” symbol appears instead of any other attack. This deals more damage.
3. When facing many enemies that are grouped together, use Shizuka with Fleck. Run towards enemies and hit them in order to plant a bomb then hit again to detonate it. The explosion will hurt everybody around except for you.