Cliff Blesinzski Former Epic employee, and creative director behind projects such as Gears of War and Unreal Tournament Cliff Bleszinski teased a new project he might be looking to start development on. While speaking in an interview with former Attack of the Show host Kevin Perriera’s Pointless podcast, Bleszinski revealed that he is itching to to begin work on a new first-person shooter; with plenty of concept work to showcase for it.

 “I have a pitch. I have concept art. I know pretty much what I want to do, he said. It will be a PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on.”

Bleszinski also said that he never plans on creating another video game with cutscenes or scripted sequences, and even going as far as claiming that current Call of Duty players have no clue what a real first-person shooter is.

“A lot of these kids playing Call of Duty, I don’t think they know what a proper arena shooter is,” he said. 

Bleszinski provided a detailed opinion on how developers can get jaded and that old ideas can successfully be re-introduced.

“The thing that a lot of developers don’t realise is every 10 years you can take a game mechanic or an IP and and reintroduce it to an audience. Look at I, Frankenstein coming out as a movie. [Kids] don’t remember the Robert de Niro/Kenneth Branagh one that came out in the 90s because they were 6. So it’s brand new. All these kids who love Sookie Stackhouse, they never watched Buffy. These kids who like The Walking Dead, they don’t know Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. So it’s the same thing. Every 10 years. It’s cyclical. But the problem is you get developers who are in their 30s on up, and you get jaded developer syndrome.”

It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen an exceptional PC first-person shooter from Epic, and six years since a Unreal Tournament game came out, which was hit by poor critical reception.

(Via: Gamespot)