PS4 and Xbox OneAn NPD Group sales report for the month of November has revealed that Sony’s PS4 launch has become the largest consoles launch in industry history, while the Xbox One became one of the fastest selling consoles of all time. NPD analyst Liam Callahan revealed that November marked the best hardware sales month on record, with the PS4 leading the charge.

He states that “with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, coupled with positive sales for the Nintendo 3DS, sales in November 2013 marked the best November for hardware sales on record.” He went on stating that the PS4 “led U.S. hardware sales for the month, and marked the highest first month sales of a hardware platform on record.”

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton had this to say concerning the success: “PlayStation 4 sales in North America and worldwide have been incredibly strong since launch, culminating in PS4 being recognized as the largest console launch in history.”

He did clarify that the PS4 had a week head start against the Xbox One, stating that “when looking at sales on an average per-week basis, Xbox One led PS4. Keep in mind, however, that supply typically becomes constrained in the second week after launch.” He added that Xbox One was the “second highest selling platform for the month, which marked the largest launch for a Microsoft console.”

Microsoft revealed that about 909,132 Xbox One consoles were sold in the first nine days it spent on the market. This averages out to about 101,000 Xbox One’s sold per day.

Both consoles have enjoyed a very successful console launch, which can only mean healthy competition for the industry and a great surge of quality for the consumer.

(Source: IGN)