forza5It’s well known that developer Turn 10’s latest racing game, Xbox One exclusive Forza Motorsport 5, hasn’t been receiving fan approval. The microtransaction system built within the game has turned off many people and has even caused the studio to track back at some of their features. But Turn 10 head Dan Greenawalt stated, in an interview with IGN, that he doesn’t understand the criticism regarding the small track and car list in the game.

“People in the community were saying we cut things, or removed things,” Greenawalt said. “We removed nothing. We rebuilt the game from scratch. Some things were actually in a bad state,” he explained. Our Nürburgring was wildly inaccurate, embarrassingly so. And so that one absolutely had to be thrown out. But the Nürburgring is of course a very important track. So for a track like that to come back, it has to be done right. We’re not going to bring over last-gen stuff, that’s just not good enough for our fans. I believe I owe it to them to give them a next-gen experience.”

The reasoning behind the small track and car list was because the developer had to rebuild everything from scratch for a new system.

“Cars had to be rebuilt to next-gen spec, we’re not going to port over garbage, “Greenawalt stated. 

Greenawalt revealed that his team never compared the game to Forza 4, it was just all about rebuilding a game.

“I think I was so in the weeds in terms of the game we were building that I didn’t think of it in relation to Forza 4. All I knew was we were rebuilding everything, and I knew this was absolutely the biggest racing game that has ever, ever been at the launch of a console. Not even close.”

I felt embarrassed, still feel embarrassed, that our fans were holding us to Fora 4 standards and I didn’t see it. I was just very enamored with the fact that we made no compromises toward our vision,” he concluded. 

Despite the poor fan reception, the game was till critically well received and is one of the better launch title for both the Xbox One and PS4; so there something to be said for that.