resistance2-artSurprise, surprise, Resistance 2 fans! Tomorrow might be a very big day for you, since a Resistance 2 Patch, as well as some premium DLC might be hitting the PlayStation Network. The news was delivered by Insomniac themselves in an interview with Gamespot which, oddly, is no longer available at the moment of writing.

Still, we do know that the upcoming Resistance 2 patch will bring a multiplayer mode from the original game (I’m talking about Meltdown), as well as a new difficulty level for those who are really up for a challenge – the Superhuman difficulty setting. The patch will also allow a local co-op player to sign in with the PSN ID and save the experience they earn.

The Resistance 2 DLC will be the Aftermath Map Pack which will be purchasable for $5.99 (but there are no extra details), plus some new skins which cost $0.99 each. The best part, as I said, is that everything should hit tomorrow, on March 26. Yay!