Formerly direct adversaries, Mario and Sonic teamed up and the result was incredible: high quality games enjoyed by millions of gamers. So it’s only fair to believe that mixing various elements from various successful titles would be a great resource of fun (and income for developers) – SoulCalibur went there with the Star Wars characters, puzzle game Lumines Supernova will come to PS3 consoles with a LBP skin and so on and so forth. It’s all about mixing the right ingredients and more people will spend their money on your product. But… are there games that will never ever be joined into one single, bigger and better title, even though they really should? Of course there are! And we have a name-list below.

Master Snake Solid

Take Master Chief from Halo 3 and place it in the same team with Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series and you’ll have, as a result, a bigger blast than the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima. It’s like… utmost blasphemy: get THE Xbox 360 exclusive and mix it with THE PlayStation 3 exclusive. It’s like mixing water with oil, whiskey with gin or Elites with Liquid. It’s like turning PS3 fanboys into hippies that love Xbox 360 fanboys and vice-versa. It’s never going to happen, although it would be so incredibly cool!


Maxis clearly knows their job when it comes to creating truly original and simply amazing titles. They have proved it with the most successful PC franchise ever: The Sims and they have confirmed it with the release of Spore. Just imagine what the company could offer with a game like Sporeims: create your little virtual alter-ego starting with the cell stage where you control the sperm chasing the egg. Shape it in the uterus and finally bring your little creature to life, in a neighborhood where the work day lasts three hours, you always eat your dinner at 3 AM and you can place the toilet right in the middle of the kitchen without upsetting anyone. And then keep playing until the whole neighborhood is filled with cute little creatures just like yourself!

Rock Hero

Take Harmonix and make them shake hands with Activision. Then make the developers kiss and make up with Neversoft and let them give birth to a new musical game: Rock Hero (and not Guitar Band because that sounds soooo old-school!). The game would turn gamers into rock heroes (duh!) while offering the innovation to make this game-mix better than anything: groupies. Yes, in order to succeed with yet another music game, it would not be enough for Harmonix and MTV to team up with Neversoft and Activision – gamers need more, gamers need innovation. And we all know that, since both Rock Band and Guitar Hero can still be milked for a long while now, a game mix named Rock Hero will never be created.

Pokemon Z

It’s easy as pie: you take Son Goku out of the World Martial Arts Tournament and you challenge him with the task of collecting Pokemons AND the seven magic balls, become the Pokemon Master and save the universe (as an optional sidequest). With both franchises (Pokemon and Dragonball Z) enjoying fanbases of millions, I must admit that I am totally confused by the lack of a mix between the two games. Probably Pikachu would simply hate Son Goku’s hairstyle for obvious reasons, or maybe Son Goku would simply be unable to cope with the tons of blue and red, Ruby and Saphire, gold and silver (and so on) versions of Pokemon games…

Portal: Dead or Alive

Many would consider mixing a first person puzzle game with a pure fighting title complete madness, but actually the two games have many things in common. Just imagine: you are the gorgeous Kasumi, you find yourself trapped in the Enrichment Center and you have a fighting tournament to win. But in order to do so and eat the cahmpion’s cake, you have to find your way through the center and defeat the likes of Ein, Tengu or Zack, mixing fighting with puzzle solving and proving that games don’t sell just because they feature gorgeous barely clothed Kasumis. Of course, such a game mix will never be possible because: a) the cake is a lie, anyway; b) “Still Alive” is a lame song that doesn’t fit the title and c) Kasumi prefers playing volleyball rather than solving puzzles.

Bonus titles:

Duke Nukem Forever 2

This game would be a total hit and it should mix all the elements of the previous titles in the series (so it will kind of cheat, since it’ll not mix two different games, but there’s just one Duke out there!) Anyway, Duke Nukem Forever 2 would totally rock the FPS scene but unfortunately we are never going to see Duke Nukem Forever 2 released, ever. At least not in this life, judging from the time we’ve spent waiting for DNF…

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Just imagine how strangely insane it would be to mix characters from Midway’s franchise with superheroes in the DC comics universe! Mostly pointless, indeed, since Superman can’t be defeated and The Joker can’t fight, but it could still prove to be a hilarious, even though pointless game. Unfortunately, such a nonsense is never ever going to be released since…. what? The game already exists??? Damn…