GamersGate today kicked off their annual Summer Sale, making them the latest in a long line of digital retailers to do so.

Until August 5th, GamersGate will be discounting its titles, with games going down in price by up to 75%. Much like Steam, it will feature four games as part of its daily sales, and so it’s worth waiting until the last day to ensure you get the best prices. GamersGate also features week long bundle deals, with publisher packs or specific games and DLC content offered at a discount.

GamersGate is a digital service that operates much like Steam, but unfortunately, the games bought from the site generally can’t be synced to a Steam account, a blow for those who like to have a consolidated game library. Offsetting this downside however, is the fact that GamersGate’s sales have generally been better than those offered by Steam. Buying games on Gamers Gate also adds a minute amount of digital credit to your account, allowing you to make a little money back every time you purchase a game.

If your interest has been piqued, head over to the official site to peruse the deals.