MumboJumbo’s Luxor is one of the most famous casual games ever released and, even though there are hundreds of clones out there, old Luxor never gave up. Actually, the game kept going forward and the announcement of the fourth in the series is a proof to the fact that we, gamers, still treasure quality more than anything.

The game, entitled Luxor: Quest for Afterlife will be released to retailers worldwide on November 11 for $19.99, but it’s already up for purchase from Mumbo Jumbo’s website. It comes with 100 new levels, a new battle mode and a mysterious journey out of Egypt to track an artifact. Also for the first time in the series the players have the option to choose the path they’ll follow. Combine that with new unlockables, artifacts and achievements and you’ll understand that this is a solid puzzle game for all the fans out there.

If you haven’t tried a Luxor, here’s what it is about: players wield a mystical scarab shooter to propel marbles and make color matches of three or more to try and eliminate the chain of advancing spheres. When the player matches certain spheres, power-ups and treasures drop down that the players must catch with the shooter. I know, it does not sound like the coolest thing on earth, but it’s quite addictive once you get it started. So make sure you’ll have some free time on November 11.


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