The PSOne classic car combat game Vigilante 8, released about ten years ago by Activision, marks its return to the next-gen consoles, this time as an Xbox 360 family member. This new and improved version of the game can be downloaded now for 800 MS Points from the Xbox Live Arcade.

Developed by Isopod Labs, Vigilante 8: Arcade thrusts gamers straight back into the adrenaline-pumping universe of extreme off-road vehicle combat, where they can compete against each other or team up with up to four players locally or eight online to unleash havoc in destructive, high-octane battle. A real “back to the basics”, as some would call it.

Vigilante 8 offers a single player mode as well, with three different game modes (Quest, Custom Battle and Free Wheelin) and it also brings some brand new things: five arenas and eight upgradeable vehicles packed with machine guns, rockets, missiles and other destructive weapons. And this truly smells like mayhem and burned rubber!