When it comes to game promotion and marketing, we’re used with huge billboards, giveaways, contests, TV spots and huge celebrity meet ups. However, it’s not all about spending billions of dollars on your marketing campaign, if you want a pretty nice result. That’s what 505 Games proved for their upcoming My Pet Dolphin 2.

The developers woke up early morning and prepared a dolphin surprise for everybody who was passing by the dolphin fountains in Trafalgar Square: dozens of cutesy and blue little dolphins were placed in the water in order to raise awareness about the game’s release.

The dolphins immediately became a hot spot for families and tourists who wanted to take a picture with the dolphins. 505 Games sampling staff was there, too, showing everybody bits of the game in what I call a nice and “indie” marketing campaign. Because sometimes, you don’t need a billboard on the moon to achieve a great thing.

My Pet Dolphin 2 is a Nintnedo DS exclusive available for purchase in the UK for a recommended retail price of £19.99 (about $32).

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