Steam today announced the next round of games to make it through the Greenlight submission process. This time around the list is made up of only four games, as opposed to the usual 10. According to the announcement, this has been done to allow the four titles through more quickly. Given that a fair few other games have been receiving a lot of attention, this smaller but faster validation approach will likely be the future model used by Valve.

The first title implemented is Paper’s Please, an indie game that has garnered substantial attention over the last month. Players control an immigration inspector, who must use documents provided to them in order to determine who should bet let into their country.

Edge of Space is a 2D sandobox game that finds players on a hostile planet. The game’s hero has to scavenge, hunt, craft and terraform in order to survive. The developers feel that their game is made a great deal more varied through like systems that monitor power and gas, a unique crafting system and an environment that’s intended to react to the player.

Venetica is a fantasy RPG set in historical Venice. The main character Scarlett is the daughter of Death, and as throughout the game she attempts to twhart to prevent the destruction of the world with the help of weaponry, dark magic and allied characters.

Substance Designer 3 is the final item to be Greenlit, although it’s a program intended to help out developers, not an actual game. The tool is focused on the creation of textures for 3D modeling.

While the four titles have been Greenlit, they won’t immediately be added to Steam. Players will have to wait until the developers feel that their titles have been polished to the right degree.