flowerFlower is an extremely original and exciting adventure game exclusively developed for Sony’s PlayStation 3 consoles. The game was developed by ThatGameCompany and published by Sony on the PlayStation Network. It was released on February 12, 2009 and it’s also known as Flowerly in Japan. Below you will find the full collection of Trophies for Flower.


Memories (Bronze): Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room.
Palette (Bronze): Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three different colors.
Wind (Bronze): Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times.
Illumination (Bronze): Light a darkened pool.
Pure (Bronze): Journey to the city unscathed.
Stars (Bronze): Release all of the names to the sky.
flOw (Bronze): Life could be simple…
Nature (Silver): Bloom 10,000 flowers.
Urban (Silver): Completely awaken the city.
Dream (Gold): Beyond all flowers lies another room.
Welcome Back (Bronze): Play the game after a week-long break.
Healthy Play (Bronze): Take a ten minute break between any dreams.
Beginning (Bronze): The dream has just started…
Discovery (Bronze): Find and bloom a secret flower.